Amanda Seyfried fappening

Leaked nudes can't always bring shame.

Amanda Seyfried is Apparently a Victim of The Fappening 2.0.


Is the Fappening happening again? Nearly three years after the first iCloud leak, dozens of new nude photos were posted to the internet. The blog Media Take Out and the social media site reddit were apparently the first ones to share explicit images of actresses Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson Wednesday. It's unclear if the pictures are authentic, though they seem to be real. The explicit pictures allegedly show Seyfried, who is now pregnant with her first child, performing sex acts with then-boyfriend Justin Long. There are multiple photos of Watson supposedly in a bathtub, though her face is not shown. But the culprit (hacker that published the photos) has gone so far this time, by promising to release X-rated photos of more than a dozen stars. Included were: Kylie Jenner, Marisa Tomei, Giada de Laurentiis and more of Jennifer Lawrence, Abigail Spencer and Victoria Justice.

I wish him to re-think about this.



Amanda Seyfried Nudes brings her benefits. There is a reason.


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